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Justene Jaro-IGN Babes Interview June 7, 2009

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As the year continues, we at IGN Babes are dedicated to track down all of the Miss Hot Import Nights . First it was with the lovely Amanda Gift, then the exotic Michelle Zen. Now we are proud to bring you Miss Boston Hot Import Nights straight from the ATL–Justene Jaro. We warn you she has somewhat of a trucker mouth on her

IGN Babes: What’s crack-in girl?

Justene: Hey!

IGN Babes: Where were you born?

Justene: Tacloban, Philippines.

IGN Babes: What is your ethnicity?

Justene: Half Filipina and half Puerto Rican.

IGN Babes: Where do you call home?

Justene: Atlanta, Georgia!

IGN Babes: What do you like most about living in the ATL?

Justene: The southern hospitality, good food, and amazing music!

IGN Babes: Any plans on moving out here in the West Coast?

Justene: HELL NO! It’s cool there, but it’s not my vibe.

IGN Babes: You have any nicknames?

Justene: Ting, I been called that all my life.

IGN Babes: What made you want to become a model?

Justene: I’m a model?! [laughs]

IGN Babes: How did you get into modeling?

Justene: PURE LUCK! Ok…so team hybrid sent my sister and I to do a show in LA and that was cool. When I was there I was tapped on the shoulder and Derrick from D-sport asked, “Hey, wanna be on a cover of a magazine?” I was like “f*** yeah” but I wasn’t sure if it was real. Come to find out it was… D-sport magazine is awesome! Then it all snowballed. It’s pretty damn dope, if I don’t say so myself.

IGN Babes: What events and or projects are you going to be working on soon?

Justene: Umm, whatever is given to me – I’m no picky bitch.

IGN Babes: Is modeling your full-time gig, or do you have a “day job”?

Justene: NOOO modeling is most definitely NOT my full time job – I be BROKE. [laughing]. Yes I have another job…yes, yes I do!

IGN Babes: What is your ultimate career goal in life?

Justene: I really reaaally wanna win the lottery.

IGN Babes: What’s the meaning of life? [laughs]

Justene: Finding the ultimate high. Yeah! [laughing]

IGN Babes: What’s this thing I hear about you being a feminist?! True? Personally some feminist women scare me!

Justene: Yeah, I am! I was raised that way. I was always taught that women should be feminine, beautiful, graceful, and all that jazz but yet be able to whoop some ass and take over businesses. Just to be a snake in the grass – you could say. YES, it is scary but that’s the point. I’d say men don’t have the advantages women do and so since we do we have to utilize every aspect of the game. P-U-S-S-Y is power. [laughs]

IGN Babes: Here at IGN we are all about videogame. We have to ask: are you into videogames at all?

Justene: I have bad hand-eye coordination but yeah. I’m kinda obsessed with Call of Duty.

IGN Babes: If so, do you have a favorite game?

Justene: [laughs] Why yes! Call of Duty or maybe Super Mario Brothers. [laughs]. I don’t know.

IGN Babes: So you single or what?

Justene: So single!

IGN Babes: How would you describe your perfect mate?

Justene: Artistic, strong willed and independent. Uhhh..I don’t know. The minute I say one thing, I’ll end up with the complete opposite. Should I just say I’m looking for losers so I can come out with a winner?

IGN Babes: Turn-Ons?

Justene: Independent and intelligent.

IGN Babes: Turn-Offs?

Justene: Dumbasses and animal-non-lovers.

IGN Babes: What was the worst date you ever been on?

Justene: I think every woman in the world had THAT GUY that doesn’t take no as an answer. That’s damn well the worst date scenario.

IGN Babes: Day-person or Night-Person?

Justene: Day during the summer. Night during the winter.

IGN Babes: Favorite drink? Bring on the Coke and JD! [smiling]

Justene: Oh buddy, you answered…Jack Daniels is my boyfriend, you didn’t know? Jack and Coke or Long Islands if I want a sweet drink.

IGN Babes: What’s the first thing you think of when you get up in the morning?

Justene: I gotta pee.

IGN Babes: What do you do with your free time?

Justene: Freakin Myspace it up like a super dweeb.

IGN Babes: What is one thing you want people to know about you?

Justene: Don’t you know I’m loco?! [laughs]

IGN Babes: It’s your turn now to plug and give shout outs to anyone\anything out there!

Justene: PETA… It feels good to donate…so f****** do it already! Otherwise I’ll just rob you and send it to them myself!

IGN Babes: Any closing thoughts?

Justene: Yabbaa dabba dooooooo!


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